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I wish you...

HAPPY EASTER and have a wonderful time with your family or...alone.
(Many chocolate kisses)

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Happy Women's Day

Today, women have their special day but as women we know that we celebrate every day. As young girls, as teenagers, as ladies, as mature women.
Unfortunately, it's still a man's world despite the huge progress in women's rights in home and work.
Some day, we will be really equal to the men and let's not forget that there are still women somewhere in the world that are abused and without rights. I think this Day is totally dedicated to them.


Welcome to the 21st century and yes, i bought a new digital camera!! Yay! It's Kodak EasyShare and it's so cool. Big zooming and i can take 30MB vid.
Probably today, i'm going to buy more memory but so fat i got only one pic, lol!
Please, don't be scared because my friend caught me off guard!!

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Merry Christmas!!

Yup, you read well!! It's not an old entry but very new!!
Yesterday, i developed my camera film which had my Christmas pics, yay! So i decided to post some to laugh with or about, lol
This is the last film with that camera. I decided to buy a digital one so i'll be better prepared on May and not only :)

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Here's the Making of 'Factory girl' and how Hayden would originally appeared maybe before the B.Dylan's warnings, lol!
Here's the avi file of 39MB: http://www.zshare.net/video/behindthescene-avi.html
If you want just his scenes, let me know, thanks :)

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Happy LOVE Day

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With or without a special one, i wish you a happy Valentine's Day!! And remember, it's not about the presents or the gifts but it's the sincere love, respect and devotion.


More pics

I promised them yesterday and here they are: Ewan from the 'EpIII' London premiere plus few more from his other movies and Natalie's from 'Vendetta'.

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I'm alive!!

YES, iam!! I'm super busy but still alive and fine and cold and rainy, all these beautiful winter feelings!!
Valentine's Day is close now and i wish you all to have a wonderful day ♥
Today, i brought some goodies for my SW friends. I post fans' photos from the U.K. premiere of Episode III which i'm sure you haven't seen before. Pics of Hayden and Ian.
Tomorrow, i'll post Ewan and Natalie.

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Do you want to see me in action? It's few seconds vid my friend rushumble took of me and her under the Statue of Liberty, last May.
I'm the one with the sunglasses, lol!



...to my sweet friend whom i totally missed die_grinsekatze
I wish you all the best in your life, love and happiness and a gorgeous guy to do everything for you.
((Many hugs))

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